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Spring 2018     

 "Our birds and flowers  are well and send their love to you"

Thomas Jefferson

Happy spring!  At least that's what the calendar says.  At the time of this writing the thermometer disagrees.  Welcome to Tennessee!

This spring marks our 30th year at Honey Rock Herb Farm.  Hard to believe as I'm only 45 (ha).  Some of you may remember when we had wreaths and herb vinegars displayed on our dining room table, and we sold plants in the back yard.  We've taken various routes on our journey, picking up new ideas and dropping some old.  It's been a wonderful 30 years.  Thanks for sharing them with us and making it possible  for us to "follow our bliss."

Maryville Farmers Market

One of the best decisions on this journey has been to be a part of the Maryville Farmers Market.  The market will start April 21st at 9am.  The first two markets will include crafters.   If you would like to be a vendor, or  find out more about the Marysville Farmers Market, we have a new web site at www.farmersmarketmaryville.com.  Our friend and fellow vendor Laura Atwood is working on a new Facebook page.

Herb of the Year - Agastache

There are many varieties of Agastache. We like anise hyssop.  It does have an anise flavor, but isn't an anise or hyssop.  I've used the leaves chopped in cookies and the flowers sprinkled over salads.  The leaf makes a tasty tea.  The pretty blue flowers are bee and butterfly magnets.  I used to use the dried flowers in arrngements. Now we leave the seed heads for the chickadees and to re-sow.  You can start anise hyssop from seed or cuttings, but we just happen to have plants.

OOPS!  We messed up.  Herb of the year 2018 is Hops....Agastache is Herb of the Year 2019.  We'll write on Hops the next Honeymail.

Herbs in the Kitchen

It's been a while since I've made this herb pasta, but a remember it being tasty and "spring like."  It can be served cold as a pasta salad, or warm with herb butter or olive oil.


Wonton or egg roll wrappers, 3 tsp. corn starch, 3 Tbs. cold water, fresh edible flowers: nasturtiums, pansies, sage blossoms, etc, fresh herb leaves, sage flowers, salad burnet, Italian leaf parsley, cilantro, etc.

Combine corn starch and water in a small bowl.  This will be your "glue."  Use a pastry brush to brush a coat of the corn starch mixture onto one wonton wrapper.  Carefully place a few leaves and/or flower petals onto the wrapper.  Brush another wrapper with your corn starch mixture and place it on top of the first wrapper.  Use a rolling pin to remove air bubbles.  Trim the edges with a pastry wheel, or sharp knife.

Set finished pasta squares onto a cookie sheet and place wax paper between layers.  Chill up to 24 hours before cooking.  To cook: Drop pasta into a large pot of boiling water and stir gently.  Simmer for 2-3 minutes or until pasta is "al dente" which is still firm but cooked through.

To serve hot:  Remove pasta from water and toss with an herb butter or olive oil and serve.

To serve cold: Remove pasta from water and rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process.  Toss with olive oil to prevent sticking.  Add chopped salad greens and toss with an herb vinaigrette.

Honey Rock Herb Farm

We begin our 30th year with our Spring Fever Day Saturday, April 7, 10 to 5.  Of course, Spring Fever Day will include your tonic of sassafras tea nd herb cookies.  fter tht we will be open Tuesday thru Saturday, 10 to 5 (after 5 by appointment) thru May.  The greenhouse is bursting with helthy, happy herbs and flowers just waiting to go home with you.  Our goal, as always, is to "sell happiness with every plant."

In Closing

Let us thank you again for being there for us all these years of "Growing the Good Life."  Hope you can come to Spring Fever Day.  If not, we're here Tuesdy thru Saturday or at the Maryille Farmers Market.  Until then.....

Peace & Plenty

D. & Jim

Honey Rock Herb Farm,
PO Box 23, Louisville, TN 37777
  Location: 113 Honey Rock Way


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